Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Hartlepool MP Ian Wright opening one of the town's food banks.

This smarmy character with the ill-fitting suit and a stupid grin on his face is cutting the ribbon to "officially" open Hartlepool's first food bank.

So who is he and why would he be smiling at the thought of people having to rely on food hand-outs to keep hunger at bay?

Well, the "gentlemen" in question is Iain Wright and he's the Labour MP for Hartlepool.

I have no idea why he has a moronic grin on his face considering what he's doing, but I'll hazard a guess. He's grinning at the thought that it's another photo opportunity for the sheepie in his Labour stronghold to be brainwashed by. Well, that and the fact that Mr Wright is never, ever, likely to need a food bank.

One of the reasons of course is that he has a very nice MPs salary. It gets better. Mr Wright has a second income as well. His wife Tiff is in the fortunate position to be earning more than £27,000 a year working part-time as a secretary.
Now, you're thinking that's some fantastic salary for a secretary working part-time. And it is. But there's a reason for that. When it comes to employers, she has found her Mr Wright. Yes, Mrs Wright works for her husband, the dishonourable and hypocritical MP for Hartlepool.

In common with many other MPs, Wright chooses to employ his wife on a salary way above the going rate. She is paid by me and you - the UK taxpayers.

Despite the fact that Wright's Hartlepool constituency has one of the highest unemployment rates in the UK, he thinks this is acceptable. He does so because he's a hypocrite. Plain and simple. 

He also does it because he knows that in his safe Labour seat he can do what the hell he likes because he's still going to get re-elected in May 2015.

In a nutshell, Wright doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks about him smiling as he opens a food bank or employing his wife on a king's ransom.

He's like the rest of them. He treats the voters with utter contempt. He does it because you allow it. He plays the system and takes what he can.

Hypocrite. Charlatan. Party yes man. Job for life. 


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  1. That's "New" Labour for you.
    Old Labour man, George Galloway is involved in producing a film called "The Killing of Tony Blair" George says it is a triple-entendre - 1. The Killing of the Labour Party by Bliar. 2. The Killing of over 1,000,000 people in Iraq and Afghanistan and 3. The Killing he is now making from speaking tours etc. Fuck them all - we don't need or want this kind of perverted, corrupt, disfunctional organisation any more. Just Don't Vote! :-)

  2. Sorry don't get this. If you have an issue with how your MP is representing your town call it out. Run yourself. Or back another guy. I'm guessing Mr Wright was asked to open the store to act as publicity for its existence. I agree they should not need to exist but that can't be laid at Mr Wrights door. And as for the secretary stuff, where is this hypocritical? 27k isn't a Kings ransom. Executive PAs get more or equal to this and he is operating inside the rules. Like I say, call it your real issue... this is petty, schoolboy, politics of envy at it stands.

    1. I work in recruitment down south and i can tell 27k is the going for rate for a secretary full time part time would be max 18k at top CEO level.

    2. Right I work in a BANK, yes a BANK. You know where they have huge salaries, massive bonuses and live the lifestyle of Premiership footballers.

      Our executive PA's, most of whom hold formal qualifications relevant to their role have a full time salary scale with the mid point somewhere in the region of £22k p.a. These PA's don't just manage the diary of the executive, board member or manager they are assigned to. In a lot of cases they also manage the diaries of their direct reports as well as loads of other admin work. To suggest a part time PA for one of the least hardworking MP's in the country is worth £27k p.a. is nothing short of ridiculous.That money is coming directly from the taxpayers and going into the Wright household budget. A household one might argue has a very comfortable income already given Mr Wrights earnings.

      Now I accept being a PA isn't easy work but I'd love to know what special qualification Mrs Wright holds to command such a salary and the hours she works.

    3. Don't forget Shighty claim the max food allowance when he shared a flat with Tom Watson.

    4. I don't have a problem with MPs wives working as their secretaries. The divorce rate among MPs is so high that I can see the advantageous of 'the team' approach. Where I do have a problem is with the salary which is way over the top for a part-time role. In Wright's case, his wife looks after a young family so you have to ask how much time she is actually able to spend on the role.

  3. Mr Wright does nothing for this town all he does is sits on his butt in his scruffy lil office with his wife rubbing there hands together......easy money!!!

  4. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/mps-expenses/5301766/Iain-Wright-and-Tom-Watson-lavish-100000-on-shared-central-London-flat-on-MPs-expenses.html

  5. There may have been a point to be made here, but you've squandered it by jumping on Iain Wright for smiling at a public event. What's he supposed to do, turn up in tears? Spoil the opening day by saying that the new food bank is awful and he hates it, maybe while punching someone to the ground? He looks to me like an MP doing one of the things he's supposed to do - turn up, smile for the cameras, cut the ribbon and be seen in his constituency. Having a go at him for that muddies the rest of the blog post by making you seem unreasonable before you even start to make your point.

    1. Public event? is that what it was? I'm sure all the hungry visitors will be thrilled at his involvement in their misery. An MP creaming the tax payers for close to 100k stands there smiling like a sodding idiot with balloons wafting telling us it's a good thing!! For who?. He's a thieving, scrounging, lying hypocrite with his snout in the trough.

    2. How a bout turning up with a relatively serious look on your face making a statement to the effect that it's a sad day that the town needs such a thing as a food bank but at least it's a point of support. Then commit to doing something to make sure it's only a temporary thing AND following through on it unlike the commitment to save our hospital.

    3. Ditto Jimbob.