Sunday, 30 March 2014


Just how far did the British Establishment and the police go in 'fixing it' for vile individuals such as Jimmy Savile so he could continue with his perverted activities?
How the police turn a blind eye to high level paedophile rings.

For decades the UK has been at the centre of paedophile rings that operate in the very highest echelons of British society. The establishment has worked overtime to cover up the wrong doing of these vile individuals.

Former Prime Minister Ted Heath was a paedophile who was very likely responsible for the deaths of a number of youngsters. The abuses of Liberal MP Cyril Smith are well documented but only came to light after his death.

Then we have Jimmy Savile who carried out hundreds of vile sexual assaults for decades. Savile moved in the highest circles and counted Prime Ministers and members of the Royal Family as his close friends.

But it was Savile's links to the police that explain how he 'got away with it for so long'. In short the police protected Savile and those he associated.

Here in a shocking exposé, former Liverpool police officer  SINDONA TAGLIONI explains how politicians and others wrong doers are protected by senior police officers. They are all in it together.

WHEN I first joined the Merseyside Police I could never have imagined in my worst nightmares that I would hear and experience something I am going to relate to you now.  It was so disturbing I feared making it public due to the fear of being labelled a crank. That does not mean that I was not continually working through and ultimately battling against the system to try and get it resolved.  The evil truth, and that is the only way I can put it, is that the system is purposely designed to allow it to continue.

Following my initial police training, I was pulled aside by an Inspector who had an unusual talent for summing individuals’ characters up.  He apparently saw in me someone who would be totally unprepared for some of the cultures that can be found inside Merseyside Police.  He was concerned I would be all too eager to challenge anything that I perceived to be unjust.  In short he gave me a warning.

“If you ever see or hear anything that you feel is wrong never make the mistake of approaching a Local MP or Councillor.  They strike deals with the Chiefs that if they hear anything negative about the Force they will not challenge it.  The Chief in return for this Manus Manum Lavat agreement do not look closely when reports come in of their conduct!  Always remember when an officer takes on the Force he is also taking on corrupt politicians!”

Friday, 28 March 2014


It's Friday. It's financial. It's Friday Financial with JULIAN SAYER.

Any healthy economy needs a full and skilled workforce. It benefits employers and more importantly, gives a lot of spending power to a service driven economy.

Five years of austerity and we owe roughly £69,000,000,000 more than we did, while the
average income fell from £24,100 to £23,200, a percentage drop of 3.8%! In the meantime we are being told the economy is recovering and unemployment is coming down. This is true, unemployment has been reduced from its peak of 2.7 million in 2011 (2008-2014) to today's figure of 2.33 million. I could argue about how these figures have been compiled, but in today's article I want highlight the effects of these changes in our economy and then discuss future trends.

New figures from the Office for National Statistics reveal the depths of low pay and the grotesque chasm between a rich one per cent and the other 99% of the country.
Four in five new jobs are in sectors averaging under £16,640 for a 40-hour week. Working full-time on the £6.31 hourly minimum wage would gross just £13,124 in a year, and an explosion of part-time jobs shows millions of workers can’t even earn that pittance. This isn't good for a consumer based economy. Remember, in the UK 78% of our entire GDP is service based, and any fluctuations in our spending habits has huge ramifications.

Then comes the issue of the kind of jobs that are being created? Part time and zero hour contracts have ballooned since the start of this recession. The scale of the use of zero-hours contracts has been revealed after official figures showed that nearly 583,000 employees – more than double the government's estimate – were forced to sign up to the controversial conditions last year. Almost half of zero-hour contract workers have had their shifts cancelled without any notice, according to the first in-depth study of the way more than 1 million people on the controversial contracts are treated.

Two out of five workers on the contracts said they had been informed only hours before starting work that a shift had been cancelled. A further 6% had been told as their shift was about to begin. The study also found that 20% are sometimes or always docked wages or penalised in some way if they are not available for work. These contracts, which allow an employer to hire staff without an obligation to provide any minimum working hours, are used widely in the care industry, hotel and leisure sector and by many retailers. In the last two years public sector organisations have transferred staff to zero-hour rotas.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014



More than ten years ago when I first started banging on about the not voting thing, virtually everyone thought I was bonkers.

Now, I'm in great company. Not only are millions of 'ordinary' people realising that we can't change the system unless we first smash the system, but people like Russell Brand are articulating perfectly what I've believed for ten years. Hell's teeth, even Jeremy Paxman has said he totally understands Brand's stance on not voting.

Sadly, there are people out there who just don't get it. They blabber on about voting being our democratic right and something that people fought in wars for, blah, blah, blah. Actually if they opened their eyes just a little, they'd see this "democracy" is a complete sham. Smoke and mirrors. Throwing a few crumbs to keep us plebs happy.

Well, I'm not happy. I'm absolutely seething.

Here's why.

* I don't want to live in a society where the weak, the vulnerable, the sick and the disadvantaged are picked on and picked off one by one. That is precisely what we have seen the Tories and their LibDem bitches do since they came to power. The sick. The disabled. Those with too many bedrooms. The long-term unemployed. All have been in the cross hairs of the nasty party and ace marksman Iain Duncan-Smith.

* I don't want to live in a country where young people are told they have to work in crap dead end jobs or they'll lose their few quid job seekers allowance. Or where bright young people work for three years at university to get a degree and then find they are £50,000 in debt and the only jobs available are part time supermarket positions. Or where people graft in Poundland for free to give them work experience. Imagine that: working in a shop where everything is worth a pound except you.

* I don't want to live in a country where obnoxious footballers are paid more in a week than a neuro surgeon or a heart consultant will earn in a year. We have nurses run ragged on £25,000 a year or less but Wayne Rooney and his mates are earning a million quid a month. From a moral, ethical and compassionate point of view there is simply no justification for this nonsense.

* I don't want to live in a country where corporations and wealthy individuals are allowed to find loopholes in tax laws to avoid billions in tax every year. Tax that would mean those poor bastards who are being made to suffer could actually have decent lives.

Friday, 21 March 2014


Following pre-Budget tradition, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne holds up his red Ministerial Box outside 11 Downing Street.

It's Friday. It's financial. It's Friday Financial with JULIAN SAYER.

The expression “Robbing Peter to Pay Paul” refers to times before the Reformation when Church taxes had to be paid to St. Paul's church in London and to St. Peter's church in Rome. Originally it referred to neglecting the Peter tax in order to have money to pay the Paul tax. In other words taking from one to pay another.

With that firmly in mind in another rambling look at the world’s economic problems, I fear that the Government's shortcomings are being pushed on to the people who least can afford it.

In essence, nearly every budget is always the same. The chancellor giving with one hand and taking with the other. In these times of austerity it's never more evident. George Osborne has to raise money in order to pay the UK’s ever increasing debt.

I could write a piece on the details of the budget, but the news and papers are full of reviews far better than I could write. If you really want the details you can find them here:

Thursday, 20 March 2014


MP for Hartlepool, Iain Wright.


Hartlepool MP and Chancellor Osborne.  Two peas from the same pod.

When I stared this blogging lark, I had no idea it would be such a messy business.

I can assure you it is. I've just spent five minutes cleaning porridge off the screen of my laptop after spitting a huge mouthful over the screen. I bet there were many people in Hartlepool similarly exasperated as I was with the Hartlepool Mail Budget story today,

In a nutshell it was an attack on the budget and the Chancellor in particular. Normally I'd applaud anyone who describe George Osborne as smug and complacent. Such a description would have my 100% support.

But when the criticism comes from Hartlepool's Labour MP Iain Wright then it's two other words that come to mind. POT and KETTLE.

It's a perfect description of the lacklustre local lad who took over from Peter Mandelson in the safe Labour seat. Many times I've heard people describe Wright in such terms. Lots of them have been lifelong Labour supporters who have not only become disillusioned at the national party under the stewardship of Ed 'Mr Bean' Miliband, but are becoming visibility angry at Wright's ineptitude.

The rot began to set in with the long-running hospital saga. Wright made endless pledges to the public to the effect that Hartlepool's hospital would remain in place as long as he was MP. I'll give him his due, the hospital is still there. Unfortunately almost all of the wards are empty as services and most have the staff have been transferred to North Tees. Wright has been impotent and has sat idly by as there has been a gradual chipping away of services.

If this failure to prevent the dismantling of vital services was Wright's only red mark on his homework, the loyal Labour voters of Hartlepool might be persuaded to forgive him. In the face of public service cuts and a devious and dangerous Tory plan to privatise the NHS, there is perhaps little headway that a North East Labour MP is going to make in the commons. But at least he could have shown a bit of fight and passion. Frankly I've seen more grit and determination from Dale Winton. 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


HARRY BLACKWOOD reports that even the BBC switchboard operators are doing the bidding of The Establishment.

REMEMBER the days when the BBC was synonymous with balanced coverage, impartiality and good reporting? Well, you must be very, very old.

Sadly, those days are long gone, but there's one thing that's absolutely certain; it's going from bad to worse. The best illustration of how the BBC simply trots out endless piles of propaganda on behalf of the powers that be, can summed up in just one word. It's the ECONOMY stupid.

For the last few months, we have endured a regular diet of good news from the BBC. Unemployment down. Number of people in work up. Wages might start to rise ... soon. House sales picking up.

It's been endless good news about the economy. Britain is booming.

The impartiality machine must have been well and truly turned off at Broadcasting House. So blatantly propagandist has this nonsense been that the BBC may have just arranged for Government Ministers to do a PowerPoint presentation live on the news or civil servants reading out a press release on Blue Peter.

But I'm guessing they must have been getting complaints from those of us in the real world, because on Tuesday morning they pressed the reality check button and sent their business editor Steph McGovern out to talk to real people about the economy.

Guess what? Whole different ball game. Steph went to a market in Leeds and aside from a financial advisor whose interests it's in to talk up the economy, the consensus seemed to be that Britain's economy is going down the pan.

Sunday, 16 March 2014


It's June 2002, and Hartlepool's Labour MP, Peter Mandelson goes bananas upon hearing the news that a candidate whose main election manifesto proposal is free quantities of the nutritious fruit for all primary age schoolchildren, the town's first (and only) directly elected mayor. His name is Stuart Drummond, and one of the key skills he brings to this important role is his ability to perform in public. That's as H'Angus, the monkey mascot for Hartlepool United Football Club!
More monkey business in Hartlepool


Go anywhere in the world and you can't fail to find someone who is familiar with the Hartlepool monkey hanging legend. From Barcelona to Buenos Aries folk have heard how the good people of the town hung the poor animal thinking it was a French spy.

But there's another bit of monkey business that Hartlepool has become associated with. It was
Stuart Drummond, Mayor of Hartlepool
in 2002.
an event that totally changed the way I view politics and people. A turning point in my life.

The day that Hartlepool United's football mascot won the poll and became one of the very first directly elected mayors in the country, taught me how the political system can be used by people for their own selfish agendas. It also led to my sacking but we'll put that part of it on the back burner.

When H'Angus the Monkey decided to throw his banana into the ring and stand for election to the £60,000 a year post, it was done as a joke. The Hartlepool United football club chairman paid his election deposit and supporters of the club and a local rugby club threw themselves behind his campaign.

Stuart Drummond, the man in the monkey suit, promised free bananas for all school kids in the town and submitted an interesting curriculum vitae to the local newspaper of which I was editor, boasting of a degree and proficiency in a number of languages. It did make us wonder why he was working in a call centre on a pittance but hey, did it matter, he was a joke.

As it turned out it did matter. He won.

Thursday, 13 March 2014


It's Friday. It's financial. It's Friday Financial with JULIAN SAYER.

They're not bankers, they're gamblers and they are playing with a rigged deck of cards. Worse still they're playing with our money. Read on for the low down on how the banksters are fixing everything.


As I have explained previously, banking and finance is at the very heart of this system we live in. It promotes economic growth and allows companies to conduct their business around the world, in a fair and honest way. Or so the story goes? Well that's alright then isn't it? But what if I told you that the whole system is rigged?

The entire financial world is governed by the central banks who oversee the large investment banks that make the markets of finance and commodities. There has always been rumours of rigging within the financial markets, but it is only just becoming clear what a toxic industry it is. It seems whatever the market is, they will fix it.

Conspiracy theorists of the world, we sceptics owe you an apology. You were right. The players may be a little different, but your basic premise is correct: The world is a rigged game. We found this out in recent months, when a series of related corruption stories spilled out of the financial sector, suggesting the world's largest banks may be fixing the prices of, well, just about everything.

Currency trading is the latest addition to the "rigged" column, here is a summary of the known market manipulation scandals (because it can be problematic keeping track of them all by now)

Libor - interest rates
ISDAfix - swaps
Platts - oil prices
WM/Reuters - FX
High-Frequency Trading - equities

The latest to hit the headlines is the foreign exchange markets and this one is particularly troublesome because the Bank of England seems to have known about it for some time. A fair review of the foreign exchange scandal can be found here

The principal charges in this allege that currency traders at some banks made rigged trades designed to lose money — then took cash kickbacks from co-conspirators who made money on the deals. Yes, it's very easy to understand.  There's a lot of money involved and very, very few consequences.  If power corrupts then absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Are you thinking that with so much Government propaganda and 'interference' now is the time to adjust your sets?

Proudly telling you what the government wants you to think.


I'VE been a huge critic of the BBC for a long time, so it may surprise a lot of people to know that I worked for them for a while.

Considering the money they waste and how much the top brass are paid, working for the BBC in an 'ordinary' capacity isn't going to make you rich; in fact the pay is crap. But I'm really glad I spent some time working for 'auntie'. For starters I enjoyed the work and especially the interaction with listeners, but best of all it gave me a useful insight into a totally dysfunctional organisation that nowadays is nothing more than the mouthpiece of the Bullshit Factory aka The Establishment.

There are some good people working for the Beeb, but largely it's infested with middle class, posh people from privileged backgrounds and top universities who have no idea what it's like in the real world. Arse and elbow spring to mind.

A recent story that featured on BBC Breakfast illustrates my point perfectly. They reported on a survey that showed personal saving in the UK was at an all-time low and queried why.

Well, I'll tell them why: just about every working class person in the country is on the bones of their arse. They can barely put food on the table every month and pay for fuel and electricity without stashing a few hundred quid every month into a flaming ISA or a savings account.

The further down the pecking order you go, the worse it is. It's no wonder that pay day loan sharks like Wonga (big Tory donors) are reporting record profits. No wonder also that Food Banks are opening up across the nation at alarming rates.

Sunday, 9 March 2014


David Christopher Kelly, CMG was a British scientist and expert on biological warfare, employed by the British Ministry of Defence, and formerly a United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq.

How come MP and author has stopped asking questions about death of Dr David Kelly?


When I was sacked eleven years ago as editor of the Hartlepool Mail after political interference from Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson. I received support from a very unlikely source - a Liberal Democrat MP.

Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker and
author of the book The Strange Death of
David Kelly
. Since being 
Minister of State for the 
Home Office
 in October, 2013, his research on Dr
Kelly's highly suspicious death has
been inexplicably discontinued.
Norman Baker didn't strike me as much better than the average MP, but the old saying "my enemy's enemy is my friend" sprang to mind and in fairness to Baker he asked a few very pertinent questions.

For reasons that will become apparent I was very interested when Baker was appointed Minister of State for the Home Office last October. You see this is the sort of government position that allows access to some of the most sensitive material in the government's secret files.

So, as Baker is the author of the only book ever to be written about the death of Iraq weapons inspector David Kelly, I was hopeful that he might delve into the vaults at the Home Office and answer some of the questions that were left unanswered in his book. I mean, how could he not?

Well six months has passed and nothing. This proving that Baker has the same level of integrity of the rest of them - zero.

I've always been convinced that Kelly was killed. Reading Baker's book made me more certain.

It's ten years since Kelly's death and there's hardly been a month gone by that I haven't read something in a newspaper or magazine about the mystery. I'm now more sure than ever that he was 'got'.

It astonishes me that there are people who believe the official bullshit about this case. To use an old song "there are more questions than answers". Norman Baker has obviously given up asking any questions so here's a few that really bug me.

Thursday, 6 March 2014


It's Friday. The topic is financial. It's FRIDAY FINANCIAL with our resident expert JULIAN SAYER.

Poor people pay taxes and rich people avoid paying tax. How the hell can that be right? Read on . . .


It's killing you!

MILLIONS of people have an uneasy feeling that something is not right in the global economy –

but they struggle to put their finger on what exactly the problem is. Now pay attention and don't fall asleep, when I tell you the very root of the decay is tax, and in particular, the abuse of tax rules and regulations.

As I mentioned in last week's blog, the middle and working classes have endured ten years of a reducing real income, while the super-rich have got richer. The tax burden is forever increasing on the people who can least afford to pay, while the wealthy and multinational corporations are paying less and less. This scenario is widening the income inequality gap, and is the root cause of the social breakdown.

Governments have to raise tax in order to pay for the services a society needs. The more tax they can generate the better the services and pensions they can provide. If tax revenues start to decline, then those services have to be cut. If you really want the breakdown of how much the UK and where it raises these taxes from, you can find it here.

Tax avoidance has become a real issue of late and has to be tackled if you want an equitable society. Corporation tax avoidance is the one that has made the headlines, with companies such as Google, Amazon, Vodafone and Apple making billions in turnover but paying very little in tax.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Tony Blair's education policies represent the biggest con trick in political history.The gullible, who went along with his deceit are now realising just how cruel this charlatan's lies actually were. Because there are few jobs for graduates or anyone else, just unemployment and mountains of tuition fee debt.

WHENEVER I hear Labour Party supporters discussing Tony Blair, I always think of that fantastic scene in Monty Python's Life of Brian; "What have the Romans ever done for us?"

The man who Labour Party members thought of as a Messiah is now treated like a foul fart in a lift. So reviled is Blair that Labourites are pretty much trying to airbrush him from history. And no bloody wonder. The Labour imposter achieved less than zero and those who were taken in by him know it.

But it's not the Iraq war or the other heinous stuff that Blair did that I really take exception to. No, his big crime as far as I am concerned is when he mouthed those immortal three words: EDUCATION. EDUCATION. EDUCATION. The biggest con trick in political history.

Blair pressed all the right buttons and used all the right language. He wanted all kids to have access to good schools. He wanted all kids to go to university. He wanted kids from council estates to go to the top universities. He wanted working class kids to become barristers and surgeons and nuclear physicists. Everything was possible in his new Labour dream. It was all bullshit to hide the truth.

Sunday, 2 March 2014


Peter Mandelson, Prince of Darkness (left) and former Prime Minister and War Criminal Tony Blair (right).
How Blair and Mandelson Hijacked the Labour Party.


I'm a man with a very good constitution, so there's not very much that makes me feel nauseous. But if I cast my mind back to the victory celebrations following Labour's 1997 election success, I'm guaranteed to come over all bilious.

The sight of Podgy Prescott dancing with his tarty wife was nauseating enough and the sight of Mandy, Prince of Darkness singing along to "Things Can Only Get Better" had me reaching for the sick bucket. But what really did it for me was all of those 'genuine, ordinary hardworking' Labour supporters worshipping at the feet of Blair like he was some sort of Messiah. Oh yeah Messiah, at criminal, murderer and money grabbing con man.

It still boils my piss to this day thinking back how smarmy Blair arrived in the former mining village of Trimdon (just a few miles from my front door) and started glad handing local party members as he laid on his best acting to ingratiate his way into getting one of the safest Labour seats in the country.

It was truly sickening to hear local party chairman John Burton regaling people with the story about how Blair had turned up at his house one night and there was European football on the television "Tony sat and watched the match with a can of beer and we didn't talk politics" or some such bollocks was what Burton used to tell people ad nauseum. What Burton failed to realise was that Blair would have drunk horse piss filtered through a shitty sock and watched reruns of Crossroads if it meant he'd secure the nomination.