Mission statement. What a stupid term. Loved and used by the corporate morons, politicians and money men who think that infinite growth can be achieved on a planet with finite resources.

You know, those same people who think it's fine for a tiny percentage of the world to have all the power, the money and resources while billions go hungry and have miserable lives.

In recent years, I've watched as the numbers of people having miserable lives has increased exponentially. It's happening all over the world but I see the UK closely and Europe from afar so I can only really comment on what I see

In the UK, the sick are being stripped of benefits and being told to work even though there are no jobs. Graduates with excellent degrees are working in dead end jobs for minimum pay and a million young people are without work and without hope.

All across Europe the numbers of unemployed is reaching staggering levels, especially among young people. The Greek, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese economies are teetering on the brink. Bank bail ins are on the horizon, yet most people don't even know what a bank bail on is, let alone that it's  legal. 

The plan by the powers that be (PTBs for future reference) is simple:

The elites who control everything want to drive us all into slavery. That's it plain and simple.

They want us to worker harder and for longer and for less.

They want to destroy pensions so that we have to work until we die.

They want to ensnare us in a prison of debt.

They want to control us with fear.

They create fear and then they offer us a solution based on deceit and their own slavery agenda.

They even have a name for it. They call it austerity. What it means is that they steal everything we have because they con us into thinking there is a shortage of money.

Of course it's all nonsense. The earth has enough resources for us all to have meaningful, good lives without debt, without wars and without misery for billions. Money is just something they print. It's paper and ink.

So, we don't want to go all corporate and have a 'mission statement' but it's important that we all know our direction of travel. I've got the perfect description. . .



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