Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Paul Nuttall, Deputy Leader of UKIP who openly admits he usually can't be bothered to turn up to vote at the European Parliament, whilst defrauding the taxpayer of £80,000 per annum in salary plus mega expenses. They're all in it together, except with UKIP you also get a right wing blend of sexism, racism and homophobia.


OK. So, you've told all your pals that MPs of all parties are money-grabbing, corrupt, greedy, incompetent bastards who are not worth voting for. Congratulations for stating the bleeding obvious.

But then you go and spoil your impressive performance by saying you're thinking of voting UKIP. Hold it there buddy, I need a serious word with you.

When it comes to being corrupt, greedy, incompetent and filling their bank accounts with your hard-earned dosh, UKIP take the biscuit. In fact they take the whole packet of biscuits.

Thinking of voting UKIP to protest about the way our MPs do their job?  Think MPs should work harder.  UKIP MEPs don’t.  In fact, they pride themselves on not bothering to vote at the European Parliament, although they do turn up occasionally to collect the £80,000 we pay each of them and to bang in some quite outrageous expense claims.

Their Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall says of his own voting record, “I’ll hold my hands up. My attendance record is flaky to say the least. But so what? I treat Brussels with the contempt it deserves.” 

Nice. These people are laughing at the tax-payer, taking money to do nothing, and having a jolly old time “playing at politics” with your tax payers’ money and never actually bothering to go to work.

If you think that Nigel Farage is a good honest bloke, down to earth, represents the common man, and is the sort of bloke you could have a drink with, think again. 

I’m sure you could have a drink with him.  If you could afford it.  Not only has Nigel Farage claimed over £2 million in expenses, but he is the son of a millionaire stock-broker. 

Nigel himself, this man of the people, is a millionaire stock-broker himself, (you know, just like the people who gambled away your pension fund).

Good old Nigel who you could have a drink with down the pub, probably wouldn't want to sit next to an oik like you anyway, because you, unlike him, would not have been able to afford to go to the £10k a year top public school that Nigel was educated in.  Meaning that Nigel's childhood education, is probably worth more than the value of your house will be, after these people destroy our economy.

And remember this is the same Mr. Farage who wants to increase your taxes if he gets elected. The same Mr. Farage who employs his wife AND his alleged bit on the side out of our taxes.

If you believe that the AV referendum was a waste of time and tax-payers money. Well done.

Nigel Farage didn’t.  He was all for it, declaring that the current First Past the Post system is “a nightmare for UKIP”.

Maybe you believe that UKIP can do a better job of running the country than the other main parties.

Well, that’s up for debate, it's hard to find anyone who thinks that any of the big three parties have done a good job, but at least they are organised.  UKIP “forgot” to put their party name on the candidates’ ballot paper for the Local and Mayoral elections in London 2012.  These people want to run your country, by the way.

They have incompetence in their DNA. Along with racism, homophobia and a firmly held belief that gay marriage causes flooding.

You may like to have a rethink . . .


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1 comment:

  1. The minute you get simple facts wrong, you blow the rest of comments away as very suspect.

    1. Farage worked in the metals markets, not money. He is not and has never been a banker.

    2. UKIP want to take the lowest paid OUT of paying tax altogether.

    3. It's the council that prints the ballot papers, not UKIP. Therefore it was the council that missed the name off.

    I won't bother going through the rest of your mis-guided post to point out the other errors, of which there are plenty.