Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Tony Blair's education policies represent the biggest con trick in political history.The gullible, who went along with his deceit are now realising just how cruel this charlatan's lies actually were. Because there are few jobs for graduates or anyone else, just unemployment and mountains of tuition fee debt.

WHENEVER I hear Labour Party supporters discussing Tony Blair, I always think of that fantastic scene in Monty Python's Life of Brian; "What have the Romans ever done for us?"

The man who Labour Party members thought of as a Messiah is now treated like a foul fart in a lift. So reviled is Blair that Labourites are pretty much trying to airbrush him from history. And no bloody wonder. The Labour imposter achieved less than zero and those who were taken in by him know it.

But it's not the Iraq war or the other heinous stuff that Blair did that I really take exception to. No, his big crime as far as I am concerned is when he mouthed those immortal three words: EDUCATION. EDUCATION. EDUCATION. The biggest con trick in political history.

Blair pressed all the right buttons and used all the right language. He wanted all kids to have access to good schools. He wanted all kids to go to university. He wanted kids from council estates to go to the top universities. He wanted working class kids to become barristers and surgeons and nuclear physicists. Everything was possible in his new Labour dream. It was all bullshit to hide the truth.
Blair knew that Labour couldn't create jobs for these young people so he encouraged them to stay on at school and then go to university. He was buying time in the hope that a miracle would happen. But not only did he con these young people, he paved the way for other political parties to con them even more.

Just look at that duplicitous, lying shit-bag Nick Clegg. Made a pre-election promise on tuition fees and then broke his promise. What that meant is that the Tories can condemn a generation of young people to the false dream of a worthwhile university education and then make them pay through the nose for the privilege. At the end of it there’ll be no glittering career. There won't be any career.

When I was at school (an all-boys high school) only the very brightest lads went to university. Those bright lads were almost all guaranteed good careers. Fast forward forty years and everyone who wishes to, goes to university. I don't object to that at all, but look at the outcomes.

Firstly most kids will leave university with debts of £40,000 or more hanging round their necks. The chance of them getting a decent job is slight. I know three young people with masters degrees. All three have been unemployed for more than a year. I also know dozens of young people who have decent degrees but are working on supermarket check-outs, behind bars or in call centres. They've been well and truly stuffed by lying politicians of all parties.

Add to that sorry state of affairs a million young people unemployed and you have a nightmare scenario. This generation of young people will be unable to get on the 'housing ladder'. Now that wouldn't be the end of the world. There's nothing wrong with renting. At least there wasn't when I was a lad. Now it's a different. When Maggie was selling off council houses it was all part of a long term plan to allow rich people to corner the market in the housing stock and rent those properties out to poor people. A shortage of rental properties and an inability to buy means landlords can charge what they want

The picture is truly bleak. Young people in shit jobs on zero hour contracts or minimum wage, unable to get on the housing ladder and being exploited by landlords who are charging sky high rent. At the end of the month after paying rent and buying food they have little left to show for their labours.

These young people need to wake up. Blair and every political leader who has followed him is doing the bidding of the rich elites and driving them into slavery. It's not too late to do something about it. But it soon will be. The shit is not only on the doorstep. It's coming through the letterbox.


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