Wednesday, 19 March 2014


HARRY BLACKWOOD reports that even the BBC switchboard operators are doing the bidding of The Establishment.

REMEMBER the days when the BBC was synonymous with balanced coverage, impartiality and good reporting? Well, you must be very, very old.

Sadly, those days are long gone, but there's one thing that's absolutely certain; it's going from bad to worse. The best illustration of how the BBC simply trots out endless piles of propaganda on behalf of the powers that be, can summed up in just one word. It's the ECONOMY stupid.

For the last few months, we have endured a regular diet of good news from the BBC. Unemployment down. Number of people in work up. Wages might start to rise ... soon. House sales picking up.

It's been endless good news about the economy. Britain is booming.

The impartiality machine must have been well and truly turned off at Broadcasting House. So blatantly propagandist has this nonsense been that the BBC may have just arranged for Government Ministers to do a PowerPoint presentation live on the news or civil servants reading out a press release on Blue Peter.

But I'm guessing they must have been getting complaints from those of us in the real world, because on Tuesday morning they pressed the reality check button and sent their business editor Steph McGovern out to talk to real people about the economy.

Guess what? Whole different ball game. Steph went to a market in Leeds and aside from a financial advisor whose interests it's in to talk up the economy, the consensus seemed to be that Britain's economy is going down the pan.

One bloke on a fruit and veg stall spoke of how he used to have a constant stream of customers every day. Now, his only busy day is Saturday. The message was clear, people haven't got money to spend on basics let alone luxuries.

No sooner had Steph presented the views of the man among the cabbages than Sainsbury's financial results came out. Crap. Just like Morrisons were last week.

Despite the bullshit the BBC has been pumping out, people haven't got money to spend even on food. Millions can't afford to eat.

As is often the case, the great minds at the Beeb decided that as they'd done a live Vox Pop and not quite got answers that conformed to their agenda, they would give it a crack on radio. The Nicky Campbell Show on Five Live no less.

I heard the programme in the car and although I'd missed the start I soon picked it up.

The first caller was fantastic. Completely off BBC message. How the hell she got on air I'll never know. She explained how the government fiddles the unemployment figures and used herself as one example of a trick they use. She used to claim benefits but no longer does. Even though she now has FIVE jobs (that's right five) she's often worse off than she was on benefits. That's because all five jobs are on zero hours contracts. Music to Iain Duncan Smith's ears. He doesn't give a damn if people are starving in the street as long as his numbers look good.

I was incensed, so I decided to call 0500909693 to see if I could get on. I've been on once before so I know how it works I decided to ring in and make a point.

The way it works is the operator asks your name and where you are from (geographical spread) and makes a note of your points. These points are passed through to a producer in the studio who decides whether to call you back. If they do, you wait a while, then you're on.


What happened this morning was, having heard my point: that the view of the public is telling a different story to the propaganda from the Government via the BBC, the switchboard bloke Phil told me he wouldn't be putting my points through to the producer in the studio as it wasn't relevant to the discussion.

At first I assumed they'd finished the economy issue and moved on. But no. He'd made the decision based on me being mildly critical of the BBC. Quite frankly he didn't agree with what I was saying.

I told him he didn't have the authority to make that decision. After a bit of waffle and me getting really annoyed, he tried to get rid of me with the complaints line number.

I asked for his surname so I could make a complaint. He refused. I asked him why. He said it was BBC policy.

At this point I told him that it wasn't BBC policy (I used to work for the BBC) and that he'd lied to me. He waffled some more and then admitted it wasn't policy, he just wasn't going to give me it. Why should I was his response. Mine was why shouldn't he? Both fair questions. I told him I wanted his name so they knew who I was complaining about.

He refused, gave me the complaints number and hung up on me.

Half hour later, I've finished with the complaints department and it's now being investigated. Case No 2629622. I know I'll get absolutely nowhere but at least I've done my best.

I've been saying for ages that the BBC is totally corrupt, biased and in the pay of the establishment. I just didn't realise it went all the way down to the people on the bloody switchboards.


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  1. "I was incensed"... Harry Blackwood, incensed at something trivial? Surely not.

  2. Steph McGovern allowed in front of camera and mixing with the general public? Bet they don't allow her to do that again after she interviewed a load of the wrong people and got off message answers......I prefer when she's off camera, preferable when she's within earshot of the mike. I love a good bit of swearing I do.