Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Are you thinking that with so much Government propaganda and 'interference' now is the time to adjust your sets?

Proudly telling you what the government wants you to think.


I'VE been a huge critic of the BBC for a long time, so it may surprise a lot of people to know that I worked for them for a while.

Considering the money they waste and how much the top brass are paid, working for the BBC in an 'ordinary' capacity isn't going to make you rich; in fact the pay is crap. But I'm really glad I spent some time working for 'auntie'. For starters I enjoyed the work and especially the interaction with listeners, but best of all it gave me a useful insight into a totally dysfunctional organisation that nowadays is nothing more than the mouthpiece of the Bullshit Factory aka The Establishment.

There are some good people working for the Beeb, but largely it's infested with middle class, posh people from privileged backgrounds and top universities who have no idea what it's like in the real world. Arse and elbow spring to mind.

A recent story that featured on BBC Breakfast illustrates my point perfectly. They reported on a survey that showed personal saving in the UK was at an all-time low and queried why.

Well, I'll tell them why: just about every working class person in the country is on the bones of their arse. They can barely put food on the table every month and pay for fuel and electricity without stashing a few hundred quid every month into a flaming ISA or a savings account.

The further down the pecking order you go, the worse it is. It's no wonder that pay day loan sharks like Wonga (big Tory donors) are reporting record profits. No wonder also that Food Banks are opening up across the nation at alarming rates.


What's more they've been doing it for years.

# You bailed out the banks for billions. That's gone. You'll never see it again. It's safely tucked away in the Rothschild's war chest.

# You are working longer hours to survive and you haven't had a pay rise for ages.

# If you've had a pay rise it won't have been much.

# Because of inflation you've actually had a pay cut.

A recent report from the Resolution Foundation showed that the number of workers earning below the 'living wage' level has risen to 4.8 million. It was 3.4 million just four years ago.

That means almost five million poor bastards struggling to make ends meet on £7.45 an hour while their working conditions get worse, food bills rise and gas and electric charges go through the roof.

So what's the good news in all of this? Well, according to the psychopaths who run the country on behalf of their banker mates (the ones who took all your money) we are coming out of recession and there are more and more jobs being created. It's true of course. The figures don't lie. They can't do because these figures are trotted out by the BBC and the BBC don't lie. Well, they do if it's anything to do with Jimmy Savile, but apart from that . . . Unfortunately the figures are provided to the BBC by a less than reliable source - the government.

Now, in the good old days of proper journalism these figures would be checked, double checked and if possible a counter argument made. Not now. As official state broadcaster and propaganda machine, the BBC just feeds a gullible public bullshit by the barrow load.

For many weeks now the BBC has been running stories on how there are more and more jobs being created.  Boom time is here. Unemployed people are literally being dragged off the street and offered a wide selection of excellent, well paid jobs, if the BBC is to be believed. Unfortunately the reality is somewhat different. Almost all of the jobs being created in the UK are shite. They are low paid, often part time and many of them are on zero hours contracts. But the BBC doesn't bother with stuff like that. Never let the facts get in the way of an upbeat story about the economy.

Interestingly, Channel 4 News don't exactly buy the bullshit. They recently ran a story that showed that many of the jobs on the Government's web site are fraudulent.

But still the BBC presses on with its upbeat stories.

Unemployment is down but they don't bother to look at how many benefit claimants have been sanctioned and are therefore "off the books".

Wages are forecast to rise for the first time in several years they say. But no mention of how long it will take to catch up with what people have lost since the start of the recession.

The situation is very clear: people are working longer and for less.

So, when I say that we are all heading towards slavery and people smile at me, I know what they're thinking. They're thinking I'm talking bollocks because they're personally OK.

Well they may be OK, but how long are they going to be OK for?

When the shit hits the fan there will be a lot of people who find out that they're standing closer to the fan than they'd thought.

For many people that massive, festering pile of shit is right at the front door and there's a highly-paid banker in a pin striped suit standing there ready to throw the switch on an industrial sized fan.

There won't be many of the middle class, pompous prats at the BBC who face being knee deep In shite. Well, not at the moment. But it's coming. Even to them. Once the working classes are firmly ensnared into slavery it's the middle classes next.

Wake up. Switch off. Tune in to what's really going on. You know, the stuff the BBC conveniently ignores.

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  1. Russia Today, now known as RT news, gives you are more accurate view of the real state of play in Britain than the BBC. It's not perfect, but it's a damn sight closer to reality than the beeb.

  2. Totally true. RT News rocks ! The Beeb is so full of bullshit I watch it to be entertained.

  3. BBC wants you to know Russia is to blame for anything! That's why I give more credibility to RT.
    Can't wait for the day when crooked media get brave & try to force their will upon us. Up until now it's just been mild nagging, which makes their job rather pointless. Come at me bro! I'll knock you all out!